Saturday, October 28, 2006

More info and links

Some more interesting articles and sites, which I can't resist adding: has a video Salute to Panama
A menu from a 'tipico restaurant' Al Tambor de la Alegría
Photos in The Panama News of Nostalgia Night with 60s-70s musicians
A column in La Prensa's Mosaico magazine about 'Panhattan' and the building boom
Rubén Blades' editorial Se amplia la imagen del país about the widening of the Canal
An article in the Washington Post about saving Panamá's golden frogs
An interesting new travel book There's A Hole in the Boat by Darrin DuFord
Even Donald Trump loves Panamá.

Here are a couple blogs with great photos: at and
Also, interesting coverage at of the Canal handover in 1999. The one-sentence summary of the events in the zone in 1964 is a little faulty, but there's some nice information in the links area.

Portrait painter Stephen Bennett visited Panamá in 1996 and painted many faces.


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