Monday, September 25, 2006

Photos from Jorge, and some stuff I forgot

Jorge took this when flying into Panamá City

The night my plane landed, Mr. and Mrs. Alegria took me to the Café Boulevard Balboa, a diner-like institution known for its grilled sandwiches (emparedados) since 1959, and open until 1 am. After more than 50 years it is moving, as reported in La Prensa.

The next morning, Marina and Tony Zarak took me to Salsipuedes to buy my hat. Here Marina is helping me pick out some tembleques to bring to my daughters.

Here is a nice shot of Francisco Buckley "Bush", holding a copy of his book La Musica Salsa en Panamá y Algo Más.

Rómulo Castro, Jorge, Roberto Cedeño, and Luis Arteaga

And the same guys posing with me.

We also visited Ricardo Vizuete in his recording studio, with Marden Paniza - both part of the Bannaba Project.

I'm working on a couple new pages for the site with more information about all the musicians we met with. I'll add the link to this blog when the pages are done.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Im happy to see these pictures! I, in Turkey and I was in lesson teaching and looking for a picture and by chance I click in your blog and find out you are with my friends Romulo and Luis, was great to see your pics!:) I hope you enjoyed...